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Venus de Milo Sleep Mask

11.99 USD / In stock.

Masks for sleep with masterpiece's eyes.
Painter: Alexandros of Antioch
Mask with the eyes of the picture "Venus de Milo"

Project Idea:
“When night begins and the museum halls turn empty, the art masterpieces stay awake and look from the darkness. Till the morning they don't close their eyes, monitoring what happens around. By trying on the mask with painting character's eyes, you can be sure that you'll see true masterpieces in your dream! And your dream will be under protection, cuz painting heroes stay awake guarding your rest. Have a good night.”

Founder of the project: Lesha Limonov
Video presentation:
Mask is made from environmentally friendly materials
1. Outside: Atlas + print
2. The inner layer: Padding polyester
3. Inside: 100% Cotton