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Notebook Designer Diary (Kraft)

17 USD / In stock.


Set: Designer Diary + Postcards (9 pcs.) + Bookmarks (3 pcs.)

The Diary is created for designers, as well as people of other creative professions. It will help you to organize your plans really easy, structure the working schedule, make notes of your ideas, thoughts and wishes.

Also this is a wonderful accessory, which is always pleasant to hold in hands. It will compliment your personality and your excellent sense of taste. Beautiful stylish thing, which shall every creative person own. Keep your secrets in a precious and safe place. An Exclusive thing for those who care!

LEVSHA DESIGNER DIARY has won numerous awards at various competitions.
It published more than 100 publications.

Black/Kraft packaging
Diary is undated
Hard cover

Calendar for 2019 year
Size: 130х210 mm
Number of pages: 176
Paper: 130 g/m² top quality heavy paper
chlorine free bleached (TCF)
without any optical brightening agents (OBAs)
the paper retains a natural uncoated feel
with an off-white shade.